“This path into healing and wholeness is absolutely life changing. In a sense, it is like “heart whispering” - similar to horse whispering - only done on an intimate level in the deep heart of each person.” – Joseph Dalton

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“My life changed forever”

"My life changed forever..."

“In my sessions I experienced the love, grace and healing of Christ”

"In my sessions I experienced the love, grace and healing of Christ..."

“I am elated with my new found freedom and lightness of heart

“Never have I had the joy of seeing decades...

“I have so much hope because you’ve made something that’s seemed riddled with obstacles, seem so easily navigable.”

“Dear Joseph, You were designed for this....

“Every day is Christmas for me now…”

“Healing for the Heart” literally saved my...

“It was all very natural and real. No religiosity.”

“Joseph provides a safe and warm atmosphere...

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September 1, 2012 |

Review of: The Awakened Heart, by Gerald May

Gerald May’s book encapsulates so many themes that we encounter in Healing for the Heart.  I highly...

September 1, 2012 |

There is Hope for Healing

There is Hope for Healing.

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